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Why keys break
Broken keys are a common problem as keys will eventually break and be worn down at any point on the key cut. If you have keys with deep cuts, these can become weak points where they break from wear and tear. Another reason why we have broken keys is the lightweight materials they are made from. Aluminium keys are common culprits of breaking at the weak points even if they are not regularly used. If you see tiny cracks in your keys or they are bent in any way, we recommend that you have a new key cut. This will prevent your keys from breaking in your locks.

How ALS Locksmiths can help you with broken keys
ALS Locksmiths provide a wide range of services for broken keys including:

  • Removing broken keys from locks
  • Repairing broken keys
  • Replacing broken keys and locks if they cannot be repaired

You may require all or a selection of these services for your broken keys. Whatever your situation is, if you have broken keys do not hesitate to get in touch.